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Social Marketing Videos are Going Crazy

Video will be dominating in 2020 and beyond so if you’re not using it now, you’ll be left behind.

Here’s some quick numbers:

It’s been proven that video increases your sales conversions by an astounding 10% to 350%.

In 2019, over 81% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool.

Of those who aren’t using video, over 70% are planning to start in 2020.

Facebook broadcasts video posts to more timelines than image or animated gif posts.

And consumers? They love it too: 76% of consumers prefer viewing videos to learn about a product or service.

Nowadays, if you don’t get your audience engaged quickly, you’re going to lose them FOREVER. And, not only that, producing low quality video can in fact harm your business. That’s where we come in.

social video marketing

We help businesses like yours create irresistible videos your audience can’t stand not to watch and want more of, so you can: Command attention, engage prospects, showcase your value, and stand out in a crowded marketplace to convert more prospects into paying clients.

12 Ways Video Can Convert Your Audience into Buyers and Followers

Videos are the most engaged-in marketing media there is. Numbers don’t lie: There’s simply no better way to grab your audience’s attention and make more sales. Fortunately, with iMap, you don’t have to spend a fortune on video advertising. We offer a very affordable way you can advertise with professionally designed animated videos that can be pushed to any social media platform.

Below are 12 great examples of social video marketing that will ignite your brain with ideas how together we can help compel your audience to:

  • Engage
  • Learn
  • Celebrate
  • Buy

Dynamic videos that do one of these will build brand recognition and loyalty, show expertise in your field, increase foot/online traffic and attract new customers!

1. Discounts

Videos that offer discounts, coupons or sale items to your customers or potential clients can increase sales dramatically.

The best way to tell people about a discount, is to show them. This is a great way to drum up extra business. Whether online or brick and mortar, discounts are big business.

Check out the electronic sale video above.

2. Appointments

These types of videos increase foot or online traffic so you won’t miss out on making money instead of waiting for customers to come to you. There’s nothing worse than being a business that has empty appointments that could be filled with paying clients.

No matter when you have cancellations or you just want to fill up your month in advance, there’s always an opportunity to let your followers or potential clients know that you have slots to offer to them.

Let’s get those days filled by creating videos for the weeks your business traffic is looking slow.

See what we’ve done for a hair salon above.

3. Evergreen

These are used to increase brand awareness. Evergreen content means it can be used all year long. It’s always relevant, it’s not season-specific and it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We can stock up on these en mass so they can be deployed at a moments notice when you have quiet periods on social media or want to plan ahead without having to stuff something into a theme or season.

Examples of evergreen content include: Interviews with staff, promotions of your standard pricing lists, lists of services and product offerings, shout outs to customers, cute little ditties, etc.

Check out this example we produced for a paint company.

4. Competitions

These videos are great for increasing brand loyalty, boosting engagement and followers all in one post. You can use these for things like pitting users against each other or employees against staff, rally others for a prize drawing, or answering tricky trivia.

Not only that, they provide an opportunity for users to show off their skills, letting users check out each other’s work. You’re encouraging followers to engage against each other and together and you’re giving free stuff away. You’ll be a 10 out of 10 to any of your users or anyone who comes across your competition post.

Even if you can’t afford to give away something expensive, your products or services are a good free prize. After all, those who enter your competition are clearly interested in you as a business and what you can provide. Because of this, you can use that list of data gathered from those who enter y our competitions to re-target them with discount coupons as a thank you for entering!

Check out this Facebook video post we created for a local flower shop.

5. Seasonal

These videos are current and keep up with seasonal celebrations, a key to increasing online traction.

These are fun to share and eye catching. Christmas, Halloween and New Years are all great examples. With these videos, you don’t need to offer anything, we just want to make it fun.

Sending messages like this in a video for to your customers or potential customers are always great for building brand loyalty and positive online sentiment, which means people will like your brand more. It’s more relatable, and they’re more likely to purchase from someone they feel familiar or comfortable with.

Here’s example we did for a real estate company.

6. Announcements

Announcements increase brand awareness like a new member on staff, a new product in your line, a new feature. You could be running a huge offer, moving your store’s location, re-branding the company or merging with another.

There’s always something new to share, usually something positive and fueled by pride. Announcement video posts are a celebration and are about getting the news out quick and effectively.

Check out this video we created for a new restaurant opening.

7. Challenges

These videos encourage UGC (user generated content). It essentially means your users and viewers are creating content for you to reuse.

The phenomenon of virality has skyrocketed in recent years. From the ‘Eating Only One Color of Food for 24 Hours” challenge to “Ghost Pepper” challenge, viral challenges usually follow the same characteristics: They are quick, simple, have easily accessible props, they’re fun and challenging. If you want the local community (or the world) to join in, you’re going to need to think of something pretty original.

Alternatively, you can jump on somebody else’s. Jump in on another challenge making the rounds with your own video to attract them to your store. But we’ll have to act quick. These things can get old fast. We’ll need to stay on the wave while we can. The video we create would have some relationship to your brand, business or have your product inserted in some way.

Another option is, instead of encouraging UGC, we can encourage foot traffic to your business. You don’t need to create a new challenge, just recycle an old one. The idea is to invite people to film themselves doing this challenge in the name of your brand and even get them to come into your business to do it.

This example is an idea of using the bottle cap challenge to get people coming down to your bar are trying it there and posting it on their Facebook. Anyone attempting it would get a free drink or discount of some sort. You’re improving both foot traffic and awareness.

8. Testimonials

Testimonial videos increase brand sentiment. Sometimes, people don’t just hear what your company does well from you but from happy customers. In some cases, they look for negative reviews also.

This is how we understand how a business works from a customer’s point of view. Customer testimonials about a product or service adds real validity to claims you make in your sales and marketing materials.

Check out this video we did for a local landscaping business.

9. Portfolio Work

Your portfolio increases site traffic. This is a great way to display your best and biggest work.

See this sample.

10. Humor

Humor videos are mostly used to increase engagement but are great for generating online sentiment too. We all have a funny bone in us and humor does sell or at least increases positive sentiment online as well as encourages engagement and shows personality. These lead to more sales and returning customers.

See our take on a humorous way to promote a company.

11. Tutorials

Tutorials increase the number of returning customers. Giving your users helpful walkthroughs and tutorials is key to keeping them engaged and subscribed. It can be as simple as: Are people cleaning their cars with your car shammy incorrectly? Are they opening their juice bottle incorrectly?

Chances are: If they are using your product incorrectly or not at all, it will be because you have not provided enough information. You should respond to this with tutorials and as much information you feel will assist them to be able to buy your products and use them in the future.

This isn’t just for new customers who are interested or to get them started, this can be to re-engage existing customers. Somebody who has your product for the last few years and potentially needs to be re-awakened. Or maybe your product was shelved because it was difficult to understand and use. Tutorial videos are a great way to pull them back in.

Check out this tips video we did for a real estate agent.

12. Behind the Scenes

These videos increase brand familiarity. Showing, for example, your progress in your office remodel, provides your users and followers some insight into your brand and personality.

This type of content makes others feel they’re part of your team.

You can also show what goes into your job or service. A sign hanging outside your establishment or a sales pitch on the phone may not be enough to convince others of the quality of your product or service.

This type of video brings them inside to see what you do or how it done.

See this behind the scenes video.

There’s More! We Also Create Other Types of Videos

Real Estate Showcase Videos

If you’re a real estate agent or broker, these are a fantastic way to generate more interest in the houses you’re selling. One of our clients reported that, an hour after she posting one of our videos on her company and personal FB page, someone saw it, called her and ended up buying the home. Most agents only post static images on their FB pages. Multimedia videos are always much more effective and interesting and, as a real estate agent, make you look more sophisticated and professional.

Check out this sample of what we can do for you at a very affordable price! We have many different templates to choose from including fun, professional, grunge, hip, contemporary, peaceful, etc. Contact us for samples and let us help you raise the bar of your sales and professional look.

Animated Logo Reveals

Animated logos raise your company look and add a positive perception about your company right up front. The logos we animate are great for email signatures, email campaigns and websites.

Check out this video of several logos we have animated for businesses. Let us help you showcase your brand with a professionally animated logo!

Informational, Product Videos

These videos are typically 3-5 mins. long and are a great way to give viewers more in-debt information about your product, service, cause, etc. We provide production services including script writing, filming, graphics – everything that will make creating these for your company easy and fast.

Take a look at two samples we produced. Call us for more information.

Video for Service Provider

Minnesota Social WiFi – This video uses no voice over or live narration but relies on lines of text to get the message across.

Talk to us. We’re ready to work with you to develop the most SUCCESSFUL and AFFORDABLE video marketing strategy you’ve ever invested in.

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