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Advertise on Cable TV!

Our platform provides affordable multimedia ads for small business owners like you.

First, let’s look at some fun facts and figures:

Consumers are spending more time interacting with media In just three years, total cable, telecom, satellite and online streaming time for adults increased 15% from 9.1 hours to 10.5 hours a day*.*Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report Q3 2018, P18+.

More audiences are engaging in advertising 72% can recall a specific ad. 40% have paused an ad to buy or learn more about the product advertised** leading to a 14% increase in sales***.**Source: OpenX. “2019 Cusumer OTT Report.”
***Source: Upper Funnel: Lift from brand health study surveys for 18 addressable campaigns.

Your ads will reach viewers on all devices Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, smart TVs, set-up boxes, computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc.

Why you should engage in cable TV advertising with iMap

iMap TV commercials

Cable TV advertising allows you to reach thousands more in your area

When you advertise with iMap, your product or service appears to thousands of people who you would not normally reach.

We have the data

The platform we use leverages the immense data gathered from audience interactions to target ad delivery that is laser-focused on the demographics of your chosen criteria. You get much more efficient campaigns and less ad dollars wasted on fruitless endeavors (remember newspaper ads?).

Everyone wins

The net result of our platform is: You reach the precise market segment you want seeing your product/service, and your audience sees the ads they are likely to engage in.

Advertising with iMap is much more affordable than you think

If you’re a small business owner and always wanted to see your company on air, now is the time to act.

Our team of award-winning marketers and creatives are ready to find you the right audience and produce an affordable professional video advertisement that not only fits your brand but will resonate with consumers and motivate them to take action.

Click on the video and take a look at a commercial we recently produced for a landscaping company.

iMap cable TV advertising

So, how much will this cost?

Bottom line? It’s as little as $499 to create a 30 sec commercial (like the one above), $400 a month for air time and $399 a month for delivery platform management.

So, for around only $1298 ($799/month), you can get a professional commercial produced and aired on TV! (Compare that to $10,000-$50,000 or more you would typically pay to get your company on air).

But that’s not all. Here’s some other great features that come as part of our program:

  • Your video is produced in 5-7 days.
  • Your ad will run on all the major cable channels from 5 am to midnight.
  • Your ad is targeted to the specific area and range of demographics.
  • iMap also pushes your ad across a wide social footprint including your website, Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Your ad also reaches viewers on all devices including Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, smart TVs, set-up boxes, computers, tablets, mobile devices and more.
  • We provide complete ad performance analytics.
  • There are no long-term contracts. We only work on a month-to-month performance basis (if the ad isn’t working for you, cancel anytime and you keep the ad!)

Are you ready to rock? Let’s get rolling! Call us at 1-800-401-2141.